Essential Oils

These are the Pure, Organic Essential Oils that I trust in the Vibe Organics Product Line. I also use them on a daily basis, both interenally, externally and on my precious little ones. They are a non-negotiable tool that I incorporate daily.

Essential Oils are natural compounds found in plants. They are carefully extracted and the benefits of these incredible potent power packed oils are profound.

There are many different oils for many different health benefits. Please reach out with any questions about what oils or starter kits are right for you.

Frankincense Essential Oil is imperative for High Vibrational Living. It was after all, one of the oils that was brought to baby Jesus!

To strengthen your intuition and open your 3rd eye chakra, I recommend putting a drop in the middle of your forehead (between your eyebrows) through out the day.

It has been scientifically proven that taking a drop or 2 under your tongue or in a glass of water improves your health, immunity and allows for cellular renewal.

Frankincense is a high vibrational oil and the benefits are incredible.

Lemon Essential Oil is amazing for gentle daily detoxing. Put a few drops in your water every morning and through the day to flush toxins out of your body and create alkaline water.

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