Vibe Organics Renew Spray

Vibe Organics Renew Spray


Vibe Organics Renew Spray: Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Spray. Intently infused with lavender + cedarwood essential oils, witch hazel, and filtered water. There is a Jasper Crystal in the bottle which is grounding + calming + emotionally balancing

The Renew Spray is an amazing spray for anytime you want to rest, renew and relax. Use it on your (or your children’s) linens before bed, after a yoga practice, or anytime you wish to create a tranquil space.

Our line of Vibe Organics Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Sprays include: Ignite, Bold, Warrior, Renew, Spark & Vibrant. They are intently infused with oils and are flooded with divine light, love and will raise the vibration of any person or space which they are used. 

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