Vibe Organics Bold Spray

Vibe Organics Bold Spray


Vibe Organics Bold Spray: Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Spray. Intently infused with Ylang Ylang and Lime essential oils, witch hazel, and filtered water. There is an Amethyst Crystal in the bottle which helps to strengthen your divine connection, assists with personal protection and clearing negative thought patterns.

It is an amazing spray to use anytime that you to uplevel your state of mind, energy or reduce your stress level. Ylang Ylang and Lime are both scientifically proven to elevate your mood. Close you eyes, spritz on your face to set your make up, keep in your purse or car and spray around you to raise your vibration throughout the day.

Our line of Vibe Organics Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Sprays include: Ignite, Bold, Warrior, Renew, Spark & Vibrant. They are intently infused with oils and are flooded with divine light, love and will raise the vibration of any person or space which they are used. 

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