Vibe Organics Spark Spray

Vibe Organics Spark Spray


Vibe Organics Ignite Spark: Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Spray. Intently infused with wild orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils, witch hazel, and filtered water. The Sodalite Crystal in the bottle assists with deepened intuition and enhanced insight.

It is an amazing spray to use cleanse and freshen the air. Citrus essential oils are very energizing and can help awaken you throughout the day. It makes a lovely yoga mat spray and car/room freshener. Close your eyes, spritz on your face to set your make up or raise your vibration throughout the day.

Our line of Vibe Organics Energy Clearing + Room + Personal Sprays include: Ignite, Bold, Warrior, Renew, Spark & Vibrant. They are intently infused with oils and are flooded with divine light, love and will raise the vibration of any person or space which they are used. 

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